Patent of the Russian Federation for Invention

INVENTION – a technical solution in any field related to a product (in particular, a device, a substance, a strain of a microorganism, a cell culture of plants or animals) or a method (the process of performing actions on a material object by material means), including the use of the product or method for a specific purpose (see Article 1350 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation as amended on 12.03.2014 N 35-FZ).

The term of validity of a patent for an invention is 20 years, subject to payment of annual fees for maintaining the patent.

The legal protection of the invention is granted only in the territory on which the patent is issued.

In Russia, patents for inventions are issued by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

The invention is provided with legal protection, if it is novel, has an inventive step and is industrially applicable (Article 1350 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). The invention is novel if it is not known in the art. The invention has an inventive step, if for a specialist it does not explicitly follow from the state of the art. The state of the art for the invention includes any information that has become publicly available in the world prior to the priority date of the invention. The invention is industrially applicable if it can be used in industry, agriculture, healthcare, other branches of the economy or in the social sphere.

Required documents and information:

A text containing information for making a description disclosing the invention with completeness sufficient for implementation

Blueprints, drawings or other graphic materials explaining the invention

Name, address of the applicant, OGRN (main state registration number) and INN (individual taxpayer number) / CPP (code of the specific reason for setting up legal entities for the corresponding accounting system) for a legal entity, SNILS (insurance number of the individual personal account) and passport data for an individual

List of authors with indication of their place of residence

When claiming a priority, a certified copy of the priority application (for patenting without using the PCT procedure)

The application is submitted within 1 day from the date of the submitting of full information and full payment for services.